Regional Training Workshop on Preparation for Advanced Meteorological Imagers

7 - 8 October 2013, Melbourne, Australia

Overview of the Training Workshop


This Regional Training Workshop was hosted by the Australian VLab Centre of Excellence of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology on 7 and 8 October 2013 at the Bureau of Meteorology Training Centre. This Training Workshop preceeded the 4th Asia-Oceania Meteorological Satellite Users Conference.

The Training Workshop informed users about the expected changes associated with the launch of the new generation of satellites (Himawari-8, FY-4A etc.). It was directed principally towards WMO Region V and Region II Operational Forecasters.

Topical areas covered during the Training Workshop include:

  • Background to Himawari 8/9
  • Future development of other satellites relevant to RAV and RAII
  • Introduction to Rapid Scan Satellite imagery
  • Introduction to RGB and Derived Products.
  • Workshop on satellite user requirements in WMO Region V.

Classroom sessions were complemented by remote communication to an external audience using the Webinar web conferencing software for some of the sessions. Many of the sessions included hands-on practical exercises pertaining to Rapid Scan Satellite Imagery as well as RGB products and Derived Products.

Roger Deslandes, the Principal of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology launched the first Australian VLab Centre of Excellence Regional Focus Group Weather and Forecast discussion during the Training Workshop. Over the two days we were also fortunate to have valuable input from Dr.K.Bessho from the Japanese Meteorological Agency, Dr.W.Zhang and Dr.S.Bojinski from WMO, Dr D.Kim from the Korea Meteorological Administration and Dr.A.Rea and Ms.A.Lane from the Bureau of Meteorology.

Bodo Zeschke, the Australian VLab Centre of Excellence point of contact coordinated the sessions and designed and supervised most of the practical sessions. The classroom attendees are shown below. In addition there were between 10 and 25 remote attendees per session including strong representation from the Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG),  from the Philippine Atmospheric and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) and the Hong Kong Observatory. Other countries represented within the remote audience included New Zealand, the United States, Australia and Egypt.


Attendees and visitors to the Training Workshop.

Front row (from left to right): Dr.K.Bessho (JMA), Dr. W.Zhang (WMO), R.Deslandes (BMTC), Dr.S.Bojinski (WMO), A.Setiowati (BMKG).

Back row (from left to right): Songhan Wong (Singapore Met Service), Allan Rarai (Vanuatu Meteorological Service), R.Adriyanto (BMKG), C.Rapadas (PAGASA), S.Waibuta (Fiji Meteorological Service), M.Palafox (PAGASA), J.Gomoga (PNG National Weather Service), T.N.Apria (BMKG), B.Zeschke (BMTC)

Not present: S.Mulitalo (Samoa Meteorological Service)