Science Week 2015 - Pre-course Resources and Activities


In order to assist in making Science Week more interactive a series of pre-course resources have been provided. These resources are highlighted in yellow. Attendees to Science Week are encouraged to download these resources prior to the sessions. The resources will be accessed and discussed during the Science Week sessions.

Please download these files onto your computer (right mouse click on the link, then "Save Target As" or "Save Link As")

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Monday 27th July

Tuesday 28th July

Wednesday 29th July

Thursday 30th July







Introductory Session


The future role of humans in Weather Forecasting

(Facilitator: Mr.Bodo Zeschke)

 Presentation and additional resources slides (6Mb)

 Questions to the presenter


NWP use in Convective Forecasting

Facilitator: Mr.Harald Richter (CAWCR)

 Presentation (20Mb)

 Questions to the presenter

Himawari-8 RGB Products applied to the Australasian and Pacific regions

Facilitator: Mr.Bodo Zeschke (BMTC)

Animation 1 (size 4Mb)

Animation 2 (size 2Mb)

Animation 3 (size 8Mb)

Animation 4 (size 32Mb)

Animation 5 (size 11Mb)

 Presentation and additional resource slides (13Mb)

Questions to the presenter







Review of Japanese new geostationary satellite Himawari-8

Facilitator: Mr.Tasuku Tabata, Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA)

Presentation, part 1 (16Mb)

Presentation, part 2 (17Mb)

Presentation, part 3 (27Mb)

Presentation, part 4 (14Mb)

Introduction of JMA VLab Support Site on RGB Composite Imagery

Facilitator: Mr.Akihiro Shimizu (JMA)

 Presentation (30Mb)

 Questions to the presenters

Development of GEO-KOMPSAT-2A and its meteorological products

Facilitator: Mr.Sung-Rae Chung (Korea Meteorological Administration)

 Presentation (46Mb)

  Questions to the presenter

Developments in the High Resolution ACCESS Models

Facilitator: Mr.Peter Steinle (CAWCR)

 Presentation (7Mb)

  Questions to the presenter

Using NWP for Tropical Cyclone forecasting: updates for 2015

Facilitator: Mr.Joe Courtney (BMTC)

 Presentation (7Mb)

  Questions to the presenter







Implementation of Himawari-8 data into Bureau Operations

Facilitator: Mr.Denis Margetic (BOM)

 Presentation (19Mb)

  Questions to the presenter

Aircraft icing and Clear Air Turbulence - SIGMETs without PIREPs

Facilitator: Mr.Thomas Adams, Mr.Chris Webster (Met Service New Zealand)

 Presentation (10Mb)

 Questions to the presenter

Quantitative Precipitation Nowcasting (QPN) at the Bureau

Facilitator: Mr.Duncan Tippins (BMTC)

 Presentation (2Mb)

  Questions to the presenter


Using RGB and Derived Products: Practical Session

Facilitator: Mr.Bodo Zeschke (BMTC)

 Prac Session Web Link 

 Presentation and additional resource slides (15Mb)

 Questions to the presenter







Exploring the potential of the high spatial and temporal resolution Himawari-8 data

Facilitator: Mr.Bodo Zeschke (BMTC)

 Animation 1 (third animation on this CIMSS Blog link)

Animation 2 (size 15Mb)

Animation 3 (size 23Mb)

Animation 4 (size 20Mb)

Animation 5 (size 19Mb)

Animation 6 (first animation on this CIMSS Blog link)

Animation 7 (size 9Mb)

 Presentation and additional resource slides (11Mb)

  Questions to the presenter

Current and future meteorological satellites of the China Meteorological Administration

Facilitator: Dr.Feng Lu (China Meteorological Administration)

 Presentation (14Mb)

  Questions to the presenter

Weather Briefing from the South African Weather Service

Facilitator: Mrs.Lee-Ann Simpson (South African Weather Service)

 Presentation (8Mb)

 Questions to the presenter